Our Story

New Life. Old Roots.

Founded in 1649.

J Malden Center may be a new face in the neighborhood, but Malden itself goes back a ways. If you’d been here in 1766, you could raise a pint with John Adams when he stopped for refreshment at Hill’s Tavern. In 1853, you could snip the opening ribbon on the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, founded by Elisha Converse.

downward facing chevron

Local Crossroads.

Malden has a history as a place where newcomers and longtime residents have mixed and mingled, drawn by economic opportunity, friendly neighborhoods, and proximity to Boston.

A Lot to Love.

Today’s savvy urban dwellers are looking for options to get the lifestyle they want. Malden is ideally located for both workdays and weekends, with Boston a T ride away, the Middlesex Fells’ expansive green space a few minutes north, and the Atlantic Ocean within easy reach.

Enlivened by Art

We wanted to create an apartment community that makes people feel good. You’ll find light, color, playful touches, and creative design inside and out, with a special emphasis on curated contemporary artworks that add beauty and delight.

J Malden Center is the residential element of a larger 500,000 square foot mixed-use development that is debuting a brand new City Hall building, office and retail space, and additional parking.

Vision to Reality

It's all about connection. J Malden Center enhances both the journey and the destination. The development of this mixed-use project has opened up Pleasant Street, allowing downtown Malden’s residents, workforce, shoppers, and diners a new direct connection to the MBTA station and an even more walk-friendly neighborhood with immediate access to public transportation.